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    Gift Ideas:

    For a great gift idea, why not order tickets to the Minnesota Ballet’s “Celebrity Dance Challenge” on February 9, 2017? Another great gift idea – tickets to the Minnesota Ballet’s production of Firebird, March 24-25 at the DECC’s Symphony Hall.
    Call the Minnesota Ballet office for details: (218)529-3742

    Firebird Coming in March!

    Friday, March 24, at 7 p.m.
    Saturday, March 25, at 7p.m.
    DECC Symphony Hall

    Experience the magic, monsters and mayhem in this Russian fairy tale favorite. Get ready for Cyclops, the monster with one eye topped with a unibrow, abetted by cohorts Fishface and Goblin. Prince Igor imperiled and his brothers turned to stone. Maidens imprisioned. The Firebird, a superhero in a tutu, to the rescue. But there’s one more feat of derring-do—destroy the soul of the evil sorcerer Kostchei. Tickets on sale now. Call the Ballet office at (218)529-3642 or on

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    2016-2017 company dancers

    Suzie Baer_0254

    Suzie Baer

    Jordan Carney

    Jordan Carney

    Charles Clark

    Charles Clark

    Brigid Duffin_0427

    Brigid Duffin

    Marta Kelly_0395

    Marta Kelly

    Ryo Munakata

    Ryo Munakata

    Sam Neale_0200

    Sam Neale

    Casey Pereira

    Casey Pereira

    Emily Reed_0363

    Emily Reed


    Emma Straton

    Emma Stratton

    Sarah White

    Sarah White

    Nick Wourms_0185

    Nik Wourms


    Alex Fehr 


    Naomi Doty_0309

    Naomi Doty
    Senior Apprentice

    Sarah Gresik_0277

    Sarah Gresik

    Ruben Medina

    Ruben Medina

    William Kratz_0135

    Will Kratz
    Senior Apprentice

    Rachael Fuchs

    Rachel Fuchs