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    Michigan Street Closed

    Michigan Street, directly outside the front doors to the Depot has been closed as part of street repairs. The 6th Ave way down from Superior Street has been turned into a two way street. Access to the Depot parking lot is still available, but parking in front of the depot is no longer an option for dropping off your students for the time being.

    Celebrate the Ballet’s 50th Anniversary in the 2015-16 Season!

    We want to hear from former company members, guest artists, students, staff/board members, and supporters.

    Please send e-mail addresses to:
    Or click here to connect on Facebook.

    Alums: Click here for special Gala Information!

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  • 2015-2016 company dancers

    MN Ballet Company web

    Michael Agudelo_0101

    Michael Agudelo

     Suzie Baer_0254

    Suzie Baer

     Brigid Duffin_0427

    Brigid Duffin

     Andrew Erickson_0117

    Andrew Erickson

     Alana Gergerich_0293

    Alana Gergerich

     Marta Kelly_0395

    Marta Kelly

     Sam Neale_0200

    Sam Neale

     Jefferson Payne_0078

    Jefferson Payne

     Emily Reed_0363

    Emily Reed

     David Turnell_0214

    David Turnell

     Catherine Wootten_0330

    Catherine Wootten

     Nick Wourms_0185

    Nikolaus Wourms


    Madeleine Surges_0263

    Madeleine Surges
    Senior Apprentice


    Naomi Doty_0309

    Naomi Doty


    Isabelle Orke_0410

    Isabelle Orke
    Junior Apprentice


    Sarah Gresik_0277

    Sarah Gresik
    Junior Apprentice


    William Kratz_0135

    Will Kratz
    Junior Apprentice