St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center

“The Depot”

506 West Michigan Street • Duluth, Minnesota • 55802

Studio I & II

The Minnesota Ballet—known then as the Duluth Ballet—was a founding member of the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center and  has had a presence at the Depot for forty years. The Ballet uses its Studio I and II in the theater wing year-round for its company and school classes and rehearsals. As scheduling permits, the Ballet allows other performing groups to use the studios for their rehearsals.



Wells Fargo Building

230 West Superior Street • Suite 50 • Duluth, Minnesota • 55802

Studio III & IV

The Ballet quarters on the AB level of the Wells Fargo Building house its office, Studio III and Studio IV, plus storage. Located three blocks from the Ballet’s Depot studios, it accessible through the Skywalk.